My bad!

We all do silly, borderline stupid things in our lives. And let’s be honest, we do them on a more regular basis then we’d care to admit, or even consider. One of the silliest things I did recently bought my friend much entertainment.
My friend was visiting me in London for the weekend, and we were going to go to the theatre. We’d been planning it for months and were both utterly excited. I was incharge of booking the tickets, which I did in a rush one sleepy night. Big mistake.
The Saturday we were due to go to the theatre comes and I figure I’d best check my emails to make sure I had the correct details for the theatre. I hadn’t checked my emails in a long time for two reasons; firstly, my email app had been broken, and secondly, it was mainly my spam email account so it didn’t matter. It turns out, you really should check your emails on a regular basis. I logged on online and found that I had an email from the theatre from the day before saying ‘we hope you enjoy your visit to the theatre tonight’. I could feel the panic pumping in my veins, my heart speeding up. What stupidity had I done? Cursing aloud, I scanned my emails for the booking confirmation, and that is where I discovered I had booked the theatre for the Friday night instead of the Saturday. The Friday that had already been. There was no recovering from this, I’d made a big boo-boo.
My friend, lovely dear that she is, was very understanding though. She called me a ‘silly poo’ and laughed. There was no making me feel like an idiot, or bringing it up regularly with grievance. Just laughter. And that’s the wonderful thing about true friends, they understand and accept you make mistakes, some bigger and more expensive than others, and they laugh about them with you. We didn’t get to go to the theatre that weekend, but we did buy several DVDs and have an amazing girl night in – night salvaged. I like to think that my ditziness makes me endearing though, like a loveable fool.
All I really have left to say is ‘my bad’!


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